10 Questions to ask before you hire a 4 x 4 vehicle

The cost of a holiday or a short break can escalate quickly, but as my mum used to say cheapest isn’t best. Before booking your 4WD to explore the beaches and off road tracks here are 10 top tips to ensure you have a safe, fun time.
  1. Is the 4×4 hire vehicle authorised to driven off road?   Maybe obvious but it has happened.
  1. What is the year and model of the hire vehicle?  Consider the implications if the 4×4 hire vehicle is an older model.
  1. Is the hire vehicle covered by fully comprehensive insurance?  Unfortunately, accidents can happen, it’s important to be fully covered.
  1. Manual or Automatic gearbox?   How smooth is your gear change – automatics are easier to drive in the sand.
  1. Fuel: what type of fuel? How many litres per 100kms does the vehicle use?   Important if on a budget, as this can escalate your costs quickly
  1. What ANPAC Safety Crash rating does the hire vehicle have?
  1. Does the 4×4 hire vehicle have traction control, stability control, ABS?
  1. Is the 4×4 hire vehicle provided with recovery equipment?
  1. Are maps and safety tuition provided?
  1. Is a security bond required.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can make an informed choice and know what to expect when you pick up your vehicle.

Enjoy your 4WD Adventure.