Rainbow Beach

There’s so much to see and do in Rainbow Beach.

Beautiful rolling surf, sandy unspoiled beaches and surrounding national parks make Rainbow Beach the perfect place to get away form it all. A former sand mining town, Rainbow Beach is the gateway to Fraser Island.

While staying at Rainbow Beach, a visit to the Carlo Sand Blow is a must. The scenery from the top is just stunning with views of Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay and the coloured sands.

Walk south from the surf club along the beach at least 2 kms to the start of the towering cliffs of coloured sand, preferably at low tide. The colours will amaze.

A beautiful tea-coloured freshwater lake surrounded by a white sandy beach. To get there just drive to the Bymien picnic area and take the 2.2km walking track for a cool refreshing swim.

The Cooloola National Park is a section of the Great Sandy National Park stretching from Rainbow Beach to the Noosa river. Enjoy bush walking, boating, fishing, picnics and swimming; the Cooloola National Park has many picnic areas and bushwalking tracks to explore. Areas of interest include Seary’s Creek, Bymien picnic grounds, Lake Poona, Cooloola Great Walk and the Cooloola Wilderness Trail.

Discover refreshing swimming holes at Seary’s Creek day rest area on Rainbow Beach Road, seven and a half kilometre south of Rainbow Beach. The one hundred metre wheel chair accessible timber boardwalk passes through heath and low woodland. Seary’s Creek was named after Patrick Searey who was one of the early timber getters to work on Fraser Island in the 1860′s.